How To Minimise Your Cats Stress When Moving Home

It’s a well known fact that cats are creatures of comfort & tend not to handle new environments or changes to their current environments very well. So we thought we’d help by giving you a few hints & tips that we’ve picked up over the years to help soothe your stressed out kitties!

Moving house can be extremely scary for cats. For starters they are packed up into the dreaded box of doom that usually leads to a visit with the vet & then into an even bigger box on wheels that makes funny motions & noises. Then when they are finally released from the box of doom, they aren’t released into their usual familiar home but instead a strange environment that smells nothing like home & possibly even like other animals. So it’s completely instinctual for your cat to want to hide in a dark hiding spot until they feel it’s safe to come out to assess their new unfamiliar surroundings. It’s how you handle the cat prior to & after the move that will either help or hinder their adjustment to the new environment.

  • Even though your home prior to the move will be in a state of complete chaos with all your belongings being packed away; it’s important to keep your cat’s routines as close to normal as possible & leave their belongings (if you can) in the locations they are used to.
  • On the day of the move clear one room completely & keep your cat shut in this room along with their bedding, litter tray, food, water, scratching posts & toys.
  • Place a notice on the outside of the door to let family members, helpers or removal men know that they must not go into the room & the door must be kept shut at all times to prevent the cat escaping & possibly going missing.
  • Plan ahead & allocate a room in the new house where your cat can be kept while the rest of your belongings are unloaded. Make sure their bedding, litter tray, food, water, scratching posts & toys are already in the new room prior to letting them out, just so they have some familiar smells in the new environment.
  • Once your all moved in & ready for your cat to explore their new home it’s important that you stay calm, let them walk around freely smelling their way around & getting the feel for their new home.
  • Although it is usually recommended that a cat is kept in for a period of 2-3 weeks following a house move, the actual amount of time is usually determined by your cat’s character. If you’ve got a confident, outdoor-loving cat it might be difficult to keep them in!
  • When you do finally let your cat out to explore for the first time it’s as good idea to do this at a weekend or when you have more time. Letting them out just before a mealtime will also help to provide them with the encouragement to come back in for food!
  • In the eventuality that your cat does decide to wander a little too far when exploring the new territory, ensure your cat is microchipped & if you begin to get worried about the period of time they’ve been gone, a great tip is to empty the contents of your hoover out in the garden. The smell of home will waft around the neighbourhood guiding your cat back.

Another HUGE tip is to invest in Pet Remedy spray or plug ins!! Pet Remedy works with your pet’s own natural calming mechanisms by mimicking GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) which is a natural calming agent present in all mammals, reptiles, and birds. The formulation is predominantly Valerian oil based with small inclusions of Vetiver, Sweet Basil & Clary Sage essential oils. Honestly this stuff is incredible & has saved my cats & clients cats from stressful situations countless times. Yes it may leave your home smelling a little earthy, but wow does this stull work!

We hope the above has helped to keep your fretting felines calm & wish you all the luck in your new homes!

Introduction to the clan

I thought it about time i introduce you all to my little doggy clan, after all they are Fuzzy Buddies family!

44948286_1960165794059040_8521966713065963520_o First off we have Gazza the Yorkshire Terrier who joined the family in March 2016. He’s definitely more of a human dog than a dog dog & spends most of our walks glued to my side. He does occasionally go off to play with the others but quickly returns back to my heel.


07A4DA4E-8F25-4455-8A56-81E8A5D72AF9 This is Morris (black & tan) & Percy (red) the Miniature Dachshunds who I’ve been looking after since November 2015, when Morris was only 8 weeks old & yes he was possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I know you shouldn’t have favourites but these boys really are my special little guys! Percy was diagnosed with IVDD early this year & had surgery to correct it, but is now back to full working health & has that spring back in his step.


40269988_1881004708641816_460896741579816960_nThe only girl in the clan Emma the Mix breed whos been running rings around the boys since August 2016. Emma first joined the team with a bit of a reputation for being a naughty pup, but i didn’t let that put me off & I’m so glad i didn’t because shes been an amazing addition to the family! Shes full of character, incredibly friendly to all dogs & is such a pleasure to walk. In all honesty she makes my job far easier by keeping all the boys in check & taking it in turns to playwith every single one of them.



38047693_1831215310287423_2830460890619314176_n This wise little face is Monty the Miniature Schnauzer he joined the family in February 2017 at just 12 weeks old when he was an adorable fluff ball. Monty or Moo as i call him is a happy guy who fixates onto one dog at a time to play with…typical bloke that can’t multi-task! He can be slightly stubborn at times with his recall but only because he’s usually off doing something way more fun & I love the excitement he gives me every time I come to pick him up.



43629495_1951652894910330_7271353677640630272_nThe biggest one of the group Yogi the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier who joined in January 2017. Yogi is a cheeky chappy who likes to push his luck if he thinks he can get away with it. He’s an extremely loving guy who loves to spend half the walk playing with the pups & the other half making amazing eye contact & checking up on me. He’s such a clever pup & really listens when you ask him to do something.




36927786_1800157680059853_7008445771536138240_nThe head tilting champs of the group Leo (darker patches) & Max (lighter face) the Puggles who joined the family in November 2016. Leo & Max kinda remind me of the Mitchell brothers from Eastenders – getting up to cheeky antics! Leo likes to spend his walks sniffing around & Max follows closely behind him besotted by his big brother. Max had a few surgeries as a young pup to straighten his bowed front leg. He is now right as rain but is a little slower than his brother resulting in him shouting like a walrus to keep up!



46513393_1950525911661560_386455573836595200_nLast but certainly not least is my own pup Barney the Standard Dachshund who was 2 years old in September 2018. Despite the short legs he will run & run & run for hours with all the other pups trying his best to keep up with them. His favourite pup to play with is Monty – I suppose it because they’re similar ages & grew up together. He is a massive poser & is always more than happy to strike a pose for the camera




If you think your pup has what it takes to join our family of ear suckers, posers, swimmers & cheeky pups then give me a call!


Talking dog toys

With many different dog toys out there on the shelves of our local shops & at our finger tips online it can be a tad bewildering as to which are the best for our little fuzzy, slobbery, soppy, hound friends. So here’s a quick run down of the best doggy toys on the market:


8B23AB09-EA74-4C63-B627-57BA0E8CEE501. Kong Classic
The KONG Classic has been the gold standard of dog toys for over 30 years. The super-bouncy, red natural rubber compound is perfect for dogs who simply love to chew. It’s best known for it’s durability & the ability to insert your dogs favourite treats inside to keep them entertained for hours. They come in 6 sizes & start at just £2.99 (prices differ dependant on website/store). Definitely a must have for any poochies toy box.


1EF20321-484C-41C5-9759-63333D7AC87E2. Hear Doggy

Loud annoying squeeky toys are a thing of the past! Hear Doggy toys give your pet the same sensation and enjoyment of traditional loud squeaky toys without the irritating noise!

HearDoggy_KHz_GraphDogs can hear sounds at a higher frequency (0 to 45KHz) than humans (0 to 20 KHz). Tuned to an ultrasonic range in the 24-28 KHz frequency, each Hear Doggy squeaker is out of human hearing range, but still fun for your four-legged friend.

Hear Doggy have a huge collection of plush toys & flat toys (without the messy stuffing in the body!) for you and your dog to choose from.


7B3A82EF-4C83-4C3C-A2ED-CE934AB3EEF53. The Ball Slinger

No longer will your canine companion be disappointed at the small distance your spaghetti arms have thrown the ball, with a ball slinger you’ll be getting double the distance for half the effort.

Larger dogs tend to go to town on the balls so it may be worth visiting your local sports shop and bagging yourself some extras just in case


FA7F04B8-83C1-4B34-BDF6-C2AC0895913E4. Nina Ottosson Dog Brick

These dog treat puzzles are a great way to keep your pups entertained.

Not only do they serve as a fun interactive toy, they also encourage dogs to eek out an extra bit of brain power in order obtain the elusive treats.

It’s important to remember that it’s not just physical exercise that counts, interactive toys like this are a great way to give your dog some brain training keeping their minds as nimble as their paws.



Cat & Kitten must haves

Being a crazy cat lady such as myself I often get asked what cat products I recommend; so thought hey I will just compile a list of some of the kitty products I love to help all those new & old kitty owners.

cats best cat litter1) At number 1 and one of the most important things for all indoor and new kitty owners is cat litter! Now I have used numerous types of litter and have never found any litter that even comes close to comparison with Cat’s Best Cat Litter. It really is the crème de la crème of cat litter. It’s 100% compostable, 100% biodegradable, can be flushed down the toilet or put into the bin for garden waste, it traps smells and is a clumping litter so it is easy to keep on top of daily and reduces the amount you use.


furminator2) A decent brush can save fur covered clothing & furniture. This is why I would always recommend the FURminator. You can literally get a whole new cat out of the fur you manage to remove. It is a fast and easy way to remove loose undercoat hair (the fluffy kind that sticks to EVERYTHING and often gets up your nose) without damaging the top coat. They come in both long hair and short hair brushes.


3) TOYS! Cats love to play and need stimulation to save your furniture, toes, nail files and just about any other object they can climb and kill. Some cats love a simple receipt or tinfoil ball while others love a good laser pen, but here are a few good cat toys every cat owner needs:

26412_PLA_Karlie_Bird_Katzenangel_2Cat dangler toy – Best I have found is this little guy. It really does mimic a flying bird as you whirl it around and cats absolutely love them! They are also cheap enough that you can buy in bulk for as and when they break though excessive use.


26186_PLA_Catit_Desin_Senses_Spielschiene_118641_50730_2_2Interactive ball game – Alike train sets that you play with as a child you can make these as big and flashy as you like or just stick to the small set. You can even get a flashy ball to really capture your cats attention. This is just a great toy that your cat will entertain themselves for hours!


319307_katzenspielzeug_natural_catnip_m_use_01_dsc6763_5Catnip toys – Every cat loves a bit of catnip and what human doesn’t love watching their cats absolutely scatting out, rolling around and generally going nuts with a catnip mouse. I always choose these mice because they are all natural catnip and also my cats dribble so they don’t end up a soggy mess like the material ones always do.


scratchCat scratching post – Now this is down to personal preference and also the décor of your room, but you can get a simple £10 one or one right up to £200. It’s completely up to you! However all I would advise is if you are going for a full on cat tree make sure you measure the baskets,  ledges, and boxes that come with it as they can be a little tight for the larger cat.


4) Cats love sleeping! The majority of cats sleep in places that they know they shouldn’t, i.e. that clean pile of clothes waiting to be put away. What I have found over the years is spending a good amount of money on a super plush, fluffy cat bed can be a little wasted, but here is a few cheap alternative all cats will love!

scratchpadCardboard catnip scratch pad – So this is made of the 2 things that every cat enjoys cardboard AND catnip! What more could they want…other than your full undivided attention & a constant supply of food. These cardboard pads come in numerous styles like the simple board one pictured, right up to ones that are shaped like beds. They are so cheap to buy or if you are a crafty person, have some cardboard boxes and time you could always have a go making your very own cardboard catnip masterpiece.

radiator bedRadiator Bed – These beds are absolutely great! I love them because they fit on pretty much any radiator, do not take up any floor space & the fleece cover is removable so can be washed with ease. Cats love them because they are warm and snuggly & they are at a good height to survey and keep a watchful eye on the room.


treats (2)5) Treats. Now you can easily win over any cat with a good treat! Again every cat has different tastes so it’s always good to try a mix to find their favourite. I mostly feed mine treats when trying to get them all in the house or when they are being particularly cute; which is the majority of the time! Just try not to over feed your kitties with treats and stick to the recommended amount advised on the packaging.

plaqueoff6) Food & drink. As you have probably seen on the selves of any supermarket there is a HUGE range of cat food…but how do you choose which kind to buy?! Trial and error I suppose, well that’s how I do it. If like me you have an extremely picky snob cat you will go though a few variants of food before you find the one they like. I would say to have a look at the ingredients to make sure your cat gets all the nutrients it needs. You can also buy special supplement food to match your cats needs or breed, so just search around. I like to feed my cats a mixture of dry biscuits, wet food and cat milk, so they get variation and all the nutrients they need. I also add a sprinkle of  PlaqueOff into their wet food to keep their pearly whites white and their gums healthy – it’s amazing stuff which I highly recommend!


I think that is generally it other than the other important bits like collars & vets, but what I find best is to just read reviews and trial them. Just be patient and have fun 🙂

Oh and the best website to buy all the above from is It’s a great site, quick delivery and generally cheaper than supermarkets and other pet shops.

Fun days out with your poochies

So it’s the weekend and you have nothing planned but want to get out and about with the dog? Here is a list of up and coming events that might be of interest 🙂

27th June ~ Tring Carnival
Where: Pound Meadow, Tring
Time: noon – 5pm

There will be a medieval re-enactment group who are setting up camp in Pound Meadow and will be demonstrating falconry, archery and combat skills.
Also a large beer tent, a display of vintage cars, a dog show, a children’s free activity area, a camera club display in the marquee and a large arena full of entertainment provided by local groups all afternoon long.

More details found on the link below


28th June ~ Larks in the park
Where: Batford Springs, Harpenden
Time: noon – 5pm

Challenge your friends and family to a Duck Race on the River Lea or watch the acts including:

1.15pm – 1.55pm The Sunflower Stilt Walker
3.45pm – 4.30pm – Junk Percussion with Dan Earley
4.15pm – 4.45pm Meet The Green Fingered Gals
4.15pm – 5pm Music with The Beatin’ Hearts

Experience the thrill of a ride on the Space Ball

More details found on the link below


4th July ~ Beer, Blues & Barbecue
Where: Haresfoot Brewery, Berkhamstead
Time: noon – 6pm

In partnership with Berkofest, our summer Open House and BBQ, with blues music from the excellent Shane Lamont and Henry Parker. Well behaved children and dogs (on leads) welcome! Free entry, no ticket required, but please join the event on Facebook so we can get the beers and burgers ready!
More details found on the link below


11th July ~ St.Albans Dogs Day
Where: Oaklands College, Hatfield Road, St.Albans
Time: 11am – 5pm

An afternoon of dog activities, competitions, fun & fetch.

More details found on the link below


11th July ~ Leverstock Green Village Fete & Dog Show
Where: Westwick Field, Hemel Hempstead
Time: noon – 5pm

Come and see the Walk the Dog team at Leverstock Green’s Summer Fete on Saturday 10th July. Our Puppy School ‘WTD Puppies’ is based at The Buglass Room in the Village Hall at Leverstock Green. So, we’ll be on hand to chat to pet owners about our puppy classes and other award winning services.

More details found on the link below


12th July ~ RSPCA Southridge Fun Day
Where: Packhorse Lane Ridge, Potters Bar
Time: 11am – 4pm

Our big annual fundraiser with something for everyone. A real family day out featuring charity & craft stalls galore, entertainment, main arena displays, dog shows and fun heats, refreshments, food, licensed bar, tombola, tomboozer, street dancing display by Rhythmix, live music with Lou’s Sextet, Etcetera Morris Men, children’s rides, Punch & Judy, face painting, palmist, flyball, pet photography, close up magic & more.

More details found on the link below


Hello World!

Hello All,

I thought I would begin my blogging adventure with a little introduction of myself.

So my name is Dani and I am addicted to animals. My passion for the fluffies started from a young age at home with my Mum. We always had a house full of animals and often most were rescue cases.

Animal LoverI decided from there that I wanted to be a Vet, but as I grew older and after doing a trial week at a local veterinary practice I soon realised this wasn’t the job for me. Although I loved the thought of helping the animals it would seem that the animals certainly do not love vets!

MeerkatSo from there I was a little stumped for job prospects involving animals; that is until a friend suggested Zoo Keeping. Great I thought, exotic animals! Off I went and volunteered at a local Zoo. It was an amazing experience and I absolutely loved every minute of it! But unfortunately there were no paid positions available at the Zoo and I needed the pennies to pay the bills.

By this point I had given up the idea of working with animals and just got a normal boring office job. It paid the bills but didn’t scratch that animal itch I so desired! And that’s when I started Feline Friend Sitters. I would work my usual full time job and care for cats outside of work hours.

Cat Sitting5 years has now passed since I started up Feline Friend Sitters and I am so happy with the amazing people & cats I have met, so much so that I now have made the leap into going part time at my full time office job and take on more animals.Dog Sitting

And this brings you to the now where I started Fuzzy Buddies which covers ALL animals big and small. I can put more of my time into animals and am very much looking to the future where one day I hope to be caring for your pets full time!

So please support a local girls dreams of working with animals and share with all your animal crazy friends and give me the pleasure of caring for your pets 🙂

Dani x