Cat Home Visits


Make going away worry free; we are a friendly, responsible, reliable and experienced pet sitters who will take care of your house and your pet whilst you’re away. We offer a wide range of pet services and are happy to tailor these to your individual requirements – and do, often.

Cats are territorial and become easily stressed in unfamiliar surroundings, especially in Catteries, where not only are they subject to strange smells but other unknown cats. This is where Fuzzy Buddies comes in. We visit your cat(s) in the comfort of their own home either once or twice a day (or more; We tailor our services completely to your cats needs) and provide food/water, clean litter, grooming, administering of any medication and more importantly cuddles. While at your home we will also provide general upkeep & security, such as watering plants, opening/closing curtains, putting the bins out & anything else that you might require.

We can provide daily updates and pictures by text or email and will also update the Fuzzy Buddies Facebook page upon most visits: you knowing your pet is happy means you can relax!

While caring for your cat on each visit we can also provide security/care for your home. We will collect post, put out rubbish, water plants, open and close curtains and turn lights on and off giving your house the “lived in” look while you are away.

The fee per visit is the same regardless of the number of cats. Yes – that’s right – so whether you have one, two, three or four cats the price stays the same.

This is where Fuzzy Buddies differ to other Cat Sitting companies who charge extra depending on the number of cats you have. [No one should be punished for having too many cats.]

Prices start from just £8.00 per visit, however costs may vary depending on location.

*Bank Holidays are charged at a higher rate

Please fill out the booking form here to receive a quote for the Cat Sitting services you require.

*Please note any cancellations made later than a week prior to the start of the booking period will result in the fee being forfeited.

We are impressed, Frank normally hates everyone. Thank you very much we are relaxed knowing your’e keeping an eye on them

— Gabs, Gordon, Frank & Gilbert from Dunstable