Introduction to the clan

I thought it about time i introduce you all to my little doggy clan, after all they are Fuzzy Buddies family!

44948286_1960165794059040_8521966713065963520_o First off we have Gazza the Yorkshire Terrier who joined the family in March 2016. He’s definitely more of a human dog than a dog dog & spends most of our walks glued to my side. He does occasionally go off to play with the others but quickly returns back to my heel.


07A4DA4E-8F25-4455-8A56-81E8A5D72AF9 This is Morris (black & tan) & Percy (red) the Miniature Dachshunds who I’ve been looking after since November 2015, when Morris was only 8 weeks old & yes he was possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I know you shouldn’t have favourites but these boys really are my special little guys! Percy was diagnosed with IVDD early this year & had surgery to correct it, but is now back to full working health & has that spring back in his step.


40269988_1881004708641816_460896741579816960_nThe only girl in the clan Emma the Mix breed whos been running rings around the boys since August 2016. Emma first joined the team with a bit of a reputation for being a naughty pup, but i didn’t let that put me off & I’m so glad i didn’t because shes been an amazing addition to the family! Shes full of character, incredibly friendly to all dogs & is such a pleasure to walk. In all honesty she makes my job far easier by keeping all the boys in check & taking it in turns to playwith every single one of them.



38047693_1831215310287423_2830460890619314176_n This wise little face is Monty the Miniature Schnauzer he joined the family in February 2017 at just 12 weeks old when he was an adorable fluff ball. Monty or Moo as i call him is a happy guy who fixates onto one dog at a time to play with…typical bloke that can’t multi-task! He can be slightly stubborn at times with his recall but only because he’s usually off doing something way more fun & I love the excitement he gives me every time I come to pick him up.



43629495_1951652894910330_7271353677640630272_nThe biggest one of the group Yogi the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier who joined in January 2017. Yogi is a cheeky chappy who likes to push his luck if he thinks he can get away with it. He’s an extremely loving guy who loves to spend half the walk playing with the pups & the other half making amazing eye contact & checking up on me. He’s such a clever pup & really listens when you ask him to do something.




36927786_1800157680059853_7008445771536138240_nThe head tilting champs of the group Leo (darker patches) & Max (lighter face) the Puggles who joined the family in November 2016. Leo & Max kinda remind me of the Mitchell brothers from Eastenders – getting up to cheeky antics! Leo likes to spend his walks sniffing around & Max follows closely behind him besotted by his big brother. Max had a few surgeries as a young pup to straighten his bowed front leg. He is now right as rain but is a little slower than his brother resulting in him shouting like a walrus to keep up!



46513393_1950525911661560_386455573836595200_nLast but certainly not least is my own pup Barney the Standard Dachshund who was 2 years old in September 2018. Despite the short legs he will run & run & run for hours with all the other pups trying his best to keep up with them. His favourite pup to play with is Monty – I suppose it because they’re similar ages & grew up together. He is a massive poser & is always more than happy to strike a pose for the camera




If you think your pup has what it takes to join our family of ear suckers, posers, swimmers & cheeky pups then give me a call!