Cat & Kitten must haves

Being a crazy cat lady such as myself I often get asked what cat products I recommend; so thought hey I will just compile a list of some of the kitty products I love to help all those new & old kitty owners.

cats best cat litter1) At number 1 and one of the most important things for all indoor and new kitty owners is cat litter! Now I have used numerous types of litter and have never found any litter that even comes close to comparison with Cat’s Best Cat Litter. It really is the crème de la crème of cat litter. It’s 100% compostable, 100% biodegradable, can be flushed down the toilet or put into the bin for garden waste, it traps smells and is a clumping litter so it is easy to keep on top of daily and reduces the amount you use.


furminator2) A decent brush can save fur covered clothing & furniture. This is why I would always recommend the FURminator. You can literally get a whole new cat out of the fur you manage to remove. It is a fast and easy way to remove loose undercoat hair (the fluffy kind that sticks to EVERYTHING and often gets up your nose) without damaging the top coat. They come in both long hair and short hair brushes.


3) TOYS! Cats love to play and need stimulation to save your furniture, toes, nail files and just about any other object they can climb and kill. Some cats love a simple receipt or tinfoil ball while others love a good laser pen, but here are a few good cat toys every cat owner needs:

26412_PLA_Karlie_Bird_Katzenangel_2Cat dangler toy – Best I have found is this little guy. It really does mimic a flying bird as you whirl it around and cats absolutely love them! They are also cheap enough that you can buy in bulk for as and when they break though excessive use.


26186_PLA_Catit_Desin_Senses_Spielschiene_118641_50730_2_2Interactive ball game – Alike train sets that you play with as a child you can make these as big and flashy as you like or just stick to the small set. You can even get a flashy ball to really capture your cats attention. This is just a great toy that your cat will entertain themselves for hours!


319307_katzenspielzeug_natural_catnip_m_use_01_dsc6763_5Catnip toys – Every cat loves a bit of catnip and what human doesn’t love watching their cats absolutely scatting out, rolling around and generally going nuts with a catnip mouse. I always choose these mice because they are all natural catnip and also my cats dribble so they don’t end up a soggy mess like the material ones always do.


scratchCat scratching post – Now this is down to personal preference and also the décor of your room, but you can get a simple £10 one or one right up to £200. It’s completely up to you! However all I would advise is if you are going for a full on cat tree make sure you measure the baskets,  ledges, and boxes that come with it as they can be a little tight for the larger cat.


4) Cats love sleeping! The majority of cats sleep in places that they know they shouldn’t, i.e. that clean pile of clothes waiting to be put away. What I have found over the years is spending a good amount of money on a super plush, fluffy cat bed can be a little wasted, but here is a few cheap alternative all cats will love!

scratchpadCardboard catnip scratch pad – So this is made of the 2 things that every cat enjoys cardboard AND catnip! What more could they want…other than your full undivided attention & a constant supply of food. These cardboard pads come in numerous styles like the simple board one pictured, right up to ones that are shaped like beds. They are so cheap to buy or if you are a crafty person, have some cardboard boxes and time you could always have a go making your very own cardboard catnip masterpiece.

radiator bedRadiator Bed – These beds are absolutely great! I love them because they fit on pretty much any radiator, do not take up any floor space & the fleece cover is removable so can be washed with ease. Cats love them because they are warm and snuggly & they are at a good height to survey and keep a watchful eye on the room.


treats (2)5) Treats. Now you can easily win over any cat with a good treat! Again every cat has different tastes so it’s always good to try a mix to find their favourite. I mostly feed mine treats when trying to get them all in the house or when they are being particularly cute; which is the majority of the time! Just try not to over feed your kitties with treats and stick to the recommended amount advised on the packaging.

plaqueoff6) Food & drink. As you have probably seen on the selves of any supermarket there is a HUGE range of cat food…but how do you choose which kind to buy?! Trial and error I suppose, well that’s how I do it. If like me you have an extremely picky snob cat you will go though a few variants of food before you find the one they like. I would say to have a look at the ingredients to make sure your cat gets all the nutrients it needs. You can also buy special supplement food to match your cats needs or breed, so just search around. I like to feed my cats a mixture of dry biscuits, wet food and cat milk, so they get variation and all the nutrients they need. I also add a sprinkle of  PlaqueOff into their wet food to keep their pearly whites white and their gums healthy – it’s amazing stuff which I highly recommend!


I think that is generally it other than the other important bits like collars & vets, but what I find best is to just read reviews and trial them. Just be patient and have fun 🙂

Oh and the best website to buy all the above from is It’s a great site, quick delivery and generally cheaper than supermarkets and other pet shops.