Hello World!

Hello All,

I thought I would begin my blogging adventure with a little introduction of myself.

So my name is Dani and I am addicted to animals. My passion for the fluffies started from a young age at home with my Mum. We always had a house full of animals and often most were rescue cases.

Animal LoverI decided from there that I wanted to be a Vet, but as I grew older and after doing a trial week at a local veterinary practice I soon realised this wasn’t the job for me. Although I loved the thought of helping the animals it would seem that the animals certainly do not love vets!

MeerkatSo from there I was a little stumped for job prospects involving animals; that is until a friend suggested Zoo Keeping. Great I thought, exotic animals! Off I went and volunteered at a local Zoo. It was an amazing experience and I absolutely loved every minute of it! But unfortunately there were no paid positions available at the Zoo and I needed the pennies to pay the bills.

By this point I had given up the idea of working with animals and just got a normal boring office job. It paid the bills but didn’t scratch that animal itch I so desired! And that’s when I started Feline Friend Sitters. I would work my usual full time job and care for cats outside of work hours.

Cat Sitting5 years has now passed since I started up Feline Friend Sitters and I am so happy with the amazing people & cats I have met, so much so that I now have made the leap into going part time at my full time office job and take on more animals.Dog Sitting

And this brings you to the now where I started Fuzzy Buddies which covers ALL animals big and small. I can put more of my time into animals and am very much looking to the future where one day I hope to be caring for your pets full time!

So please support a local girls dreams of working with animals and share with all your animal crazy friends and give me the pleasure of caring for your pets 🙂

Dani x